WPT chosen for Chinese poker tournaments

7 August 2007

BEIJING, China -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- China Leisure Sports Administrative Center (CLSAC), the national Sports Federation governing Leisure Sports under the China State Sports Administration, announced today that it will launch the first National Traktor Poker Tournament in China and has selected WPT Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: WPTE) as the exclusive marketing partner for the Tour. The unprecedented five-year partnership is a landmark agreement in China Leisure Sports history and will focus on growing the sport of Traktor Poker, known as Tuo La Ji, China's most popular poker game.

In order to better develop this folk sport in China and to satisfy the people's request for enhanced sports entertainment, CLSAC adopted "Rules of Traktor Poker Competition" in 2002. This unified the many local styles of play allowing for better management of the sport and a more even playing field for competitors.

Coincidentally, that same year, the World Poker Tour televised tournaments began production in the United States, reinventing poker as a sport and igniting a global television phenomenon.

The partnership will help CLSAC further promote the Traktor Poker Sport, create a more entertaining game for the people, and provide integrated sports marketing support via television production, media, sponsorship and merchandise. The agreement marks the first time that the CLSAC will organize such a Tour.

"This marketing partnership with the WPT is a serious commitment for the CLSAC," said Mr. Hu Jianguo, Director General of CLSAC, "WPT's skills and experience in expanding the popularity of the Sport in the US through creative television and marketing strategies will help us accelerate the growth of the Sport here in China. We look forward to a long-term partnership with the WPT, expanding this unique Sport and showcasing the wisdom and teamwork skills of the Chinese people to the world."

"WPT is honored to be the marketing partner chosen by the CLSAC for the China National Traktor Poker Tour," said Steve Lipscomb, CEO of WPT Enterprises. "Poker, especially Tuo La Ji Poker, requires a great amount of skill and passion, both key ingredients in creating dynamic and engaging sports television. We look forward to applying our expertise revolutionizing televised Poker in the United States to help bring this exciting Sport to Chinese television for the first time."

CLSAC will launch the first Season of the Tour in the fall, which is anticipated to visit up to 15 locations around China, including the online preliminary organized on and by www.ourgame.com, culminating in the Grand Final in early 2008. CLSAC and WPTE will collaborate in development of unique TV production and marketing platforms to support the Tour.

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