Pirate Gold Level up Adventure at BitStarz

7 July 2020

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Another epic adventure island promo has set sail at BitStarz and this offering is truly one for the ages. A spectacular 1kg gold bar is up for grabs together with a massive €10,000 cash payout, another €50,000 in individual prize pools and a whole bunch of trendy BitStarz merchandise is also on the line.

Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure will have you sailing the high seas and getting away with plenty of pirate booty.

Are you ready for 41 levels of arrrr-mazing casino action? Step this way matey. It’s a Pure Gold Treasure. When it comes to dishing out the baddest prizes in the business, BitStarz is always a contender for the crown. It's through its legendary Level Up Adventure promotions that they have earned the reputation of being the best of the best. This time it’s a battle between pirates for who will get to the shiny treasure first.

In Pirate Gold Level Up Adventure you will fight your way through 40 levels, snatching up shares of the individual €50,000 prize pool for that extra boost for the next challenging level.

BitStarz will never leave you hanging with only cash, so on your way towards the main prize, you will need some merchandise to keep you dry and fight ready. Waiting for you at Level 15 and 25, you’ll find a super trendy hoodie and a backpack, perfect to store all that pirate booty.

Being the first buccaneer to cross 40 levels will get you €10,000 for a shiny new peg leg, eye patch, or a small ship if you will. As if that wasn’t enough, anyone who finishes the race before time runs out will get the key to the secret Level 41, where an epic battle for the main prize will take place. Are you ready? The winner of Level 41 will take home the treasure containing a 1kg gold bar. Sign up and Be on Your Way!

Even if you have an eye-patch and a sharpened sword ready to go, you’ll need a BitStarz account to take part in the action. No worries, it’s easier than catching seasickness on the seven seas.

Simply steer your ship to the nearest BitStarz port and fill in the registration form. You will get 20 free spins just by filling in your information and this is where the fun begins. Over your first four deposits, you can rack up a smashing €500/5BTC and another 180 free spins. Now that’s how you get a head start on the other pirates and be on your way towards the mighty treasure.

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