LottoElite brands give web presence an overhaul

26 March 2021

(PRESS RELEASE) -- LottoElite brands Wintrillions and Trillonario recently launched a newly envisioned web and mobile experience that is much more than a makeover or a relaunch, it’s a brand new customer journey that emphasizes both aesthetic and function, excitement, and ease of use.
The new interface was created to fully engage both their new and current players and provide the newest games, the most solid platform, and a dynamic and intuitive smart technology that can evolve each players experience based on their individual desires.

"We want people to know right from the start that we are more than just the best online lottery company in the world,” said CMO James Dominique. “We are a complete and robust gambling destination that offers anything and everything that any gambler could possibly desire."

Cutting Edge Lottery Experience
Wintrillions and Trillonario are taking lottery to the next level of excitement and engagement with brand new features, like Boosted Jackpots, which allows customers to increase their favorite jackpots to as much as 400 million dollars, and Lottery Teams, which affords them the ability to purchase as many shares as they want in a 200 share lottery group, greatly increasing their chances to win.

New and modern games
The new casino games added to Wintrillions and Trillonario respect both lovers of the classic games and new clients that tend to skew younger. They now added more fun and engaging slot games with new gameplay systems, like ones that change variables like the size and count of icons, which gives some slots a more video game-like feel.

Another advantage that these new games offer, is that they include demos that allow users to try the games before they judge whether to spend their money or not, thus assuring users a way to spend their money in games they will enjoy playing.

Simple Sophistication and Mobile-Friendly
The re-imagination of the user experience simplifies the user journey, while the sophistication of the design breeds confidence and loyalty. This is thanks to a well-crafted interface, a direct chat option, and verifiable certifications.

Wintrillions and Trillonario have also seamlessly added an equally simple, refined, and aesthetically pleasing mobile experience. They made a conscious effort to provide mobile users with a browsing experience that is as good and complete as that of computer users.

With a new dynamic, reactive, and smartphone-friendly front-end there is nothing customers cannot easily do on their Cell phone.

A Robust Sportsbook
Another of the strong points of the new design is the implementation of a sportsbook section. It’s so diverse and inclusive in its offerings, that there is literally something for everyone, regardless of their home country, language, and preference of sport type.

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