Invasion of the Swedes

7 August 2007

The classic and scary Magnus from Poker Host

The classic and scary Magnus from Poker Host

It appears that the Swedes have invaded my life. I cannot seem to stay away from these amazing people- they are magnetic I tell you!! Several weeks ago we started interviewing for a position here at the GPWA and Online Casino City, and of course, there was one candidate that I particularly enjoyed. After the interview, as somewhat of a warning I suppose, I provided this young man with a link to my articles on Casino City Times. Welcome to your potential future manager, my friend. One day later I received a thank you note in the mail, and much to my delight, he signed off with, "PS-I'm Swedish". Yep. You're hired.

Affiliate Lounge's affiliate manger Erik

Affiliate Lounge's "all-in" affiliate manger Erik

What is it about Sweden that is so incredibly attractive to me? Well, I really like meatballs, fish, absolute vodka, and chicken mojo (John R's personal favorite). I like blond hair, blue eyes, tall slender builds and Swedes from India. I like Abba, Björn Borg, IKEA, moose, Midsommar, and sååååååååååja. Honestly, could you ask for anything more? That's it. I am going to change my name to Rebecca Ligquist. All Swedish stereotypes aside, it is the Swedish people in the online gaming industry that have me hooked. Magnus and Tomas from Poker Host- a classic and somewhat scary pair, Erik from Wager Profits- a total gem and undercover party man, Erik and Niklas from Affiliate Lounge- the quiet ones that secretly love to go all-in, Gustav from the last one standing at 4am with a bottle of vodka at the VIP table, Daniel from Euro Partners- lover of the Three Amigos and the King of Shpritz (no wait...that's Amedeo) and coming soon, Eric from Casino City- the newest Swedish member of our little online gaming community.

Late night Gustav and John R.

Late night Gustav and John R.

So there you have it. I love the Swedes. I also love the Israelis/Jews which is a great thing considering I'm going to Tel Aviv for the second half of August. Anyone living in Tel Aviv? If so, send me an email so we can meet up! If not, just head down to Clara's- I'm sure you'll be able to find me there...

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