iAffiliates presents new promotion

29 August 2016

(PRESS RELEASE) -- iAffiliates have unveiled the latest grand promotion for their affiliates partners. The "Premium Club" promotion, launching on Sept. 1, will include existing affiliates as well as newcomers, and offers the chance to win some incredible prizes.

Affiliates will be split into four groups (based on their average performance over recent months), and will compete against one another within their group to bring new players and gain points. The four winning affiliates will be awarded a luxurious vacation to exciting destinations or top-of-the-range gadgets.

The affiliate with the most points per group wins one of the prize categories, which are divided into Premium, Gold and Silver; based on how many points they have accumulated. While the Premium prize grants a luxury vacations for two persons to Las Vegas, Macau or Monte Carlo plus spending money, the Gold prize offers two round-trip tickets to Barcelona, Paris, Dublin or Vienna. The Silver prize then rewards winners with the latest gadget of their choosing, including a MacBook Air, Sony PlayStation + iPhone and Lily Camera.

Roi Rintzler, Head of Affiliates at iAffiliates, highlighted the purpose of the promotion: "The benefit of the Premium Club promotion is that it empowers affiliates and gives them the opportunity to be both creative and productive," he said. "Only when having a worthy purpose one is motivated and eventually gets rewarded. Furthermore, based on past experience, affiliates value what has become a tradition of being rewarded each year."

"Affiliates will race against others within their equivalent group, in a way that gives every active affiliate a fair chance," said Rintzler. The affiliate who achieves the highest points of every group wins one of three prizes – silver, gold, or platinum – with the prize awarded being based on how many points they gained.

The Premium Club promotion runs from Sept. 1 to Oct. 31, 2016 and is open to all affiliates registered with the program. New affiliates who sign up during this period will be automatically entered into the competition.

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