Green Gaming Forum in Malta hosts conversation about sustainability

21 December 2018

(PRESS RELEASE) -- In a new edition of Green Gaming Forum, we hear Anna Romboli, Chief Communications Officer at NetEnt, and Rikard Rinaldo, head of communications at Mr Green Ltd, talking about sustainability. Both have extensive international experience and serve companies which are operating in Malta since many years.

"To be a community builder in Malta" is about the gaming industry and how the industry can contribute to a sustainable development of and in the societies where the gaming companies are present.

The gaming industry has grown quickly in Malta in the past years. We provide jobs, we take part in building infrastructure and we keep a tight dialogue with the authorities about our contribution to the development of the local community. We have a clear impact on the local community and we want to be a player which influences society in a positive way, otherwise this will not be a sustainable industry longer-term, says Rikard Rinaldo, Mr Green Ltd.

Anna and Rikard continued to talk about the importance of values when it comes to the recruitment of the right individuals. Especially when many cultures meet on a small island and there is a fight for manpower.

It is becoming increasingly important for employees to work for a company which represents values that corresponds to your own values. Today, compared to only five years ago, people are looking for companies they believe have the same set-up of values as themselves. It can be about the environment, or like at NetEnt, to focus on diversity and equal opportunities. This is especially important for tech companies, says Anna Romboli.

But what does it mean to you to be a community builder, what does it boil down to in your daily working life?

Our most important sustainability activity is to understand our customers' player behaviour and to act on each customer's risk level. Locally, we have chosen to focus on Malta's primary natural resource by cleaning the sea around Malta from plastics, says Rikard Rinaldo.

If one looks upon sustainability from a win-win perspective and as a company engages in projects related to the core business, and really understands why it is good for the business, then it is a longer-term sustainable way of working, not only in good times, says Anna Romboli.

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