BetCruise Affiliate Program joins GPWA

7 December 2011

(PRESS RELEASE) -- The BetCruise Affiliate Program is a unique program, just like most of the offers in the BetCruise portal. Even though this program has only recently launched, it already gained the affiliates’ interests by its top treatment to players.

As of now, the affiliates are on the player’s team as opposed to the portal’s. That is because the affiliate earnings are solely based on the player’s winnings. For many, this scheme may sound contrary to the traditional gambling affiliate terms. You may think, “How is that possible, if the players are technically supposed to have more losses than wins?”

However, BetCruise is different. This portal provides a casino without house edge, rake-free poker and no commission on every bet on the betting exchange. Since BetCruise provides equal chances for both the players and the casino, the players can win just as many times as they can lose.

Nevertheless, you may still wonder: “How does BetCruise generate its earnings”? The answer is simple. When a player withdrawals his net winnings, the portal takes a 10% commission fee. This exact fee will then be split evenly amongst the affiliate and the portal. In other words, when players win and cashout, you win too!

Due to the fact BetCruise is interested in frequent player withdrawals, all of the payments are processed within one day. This is also an advantage to the affiliates, since their share of the money will be directly credited to their account as soon as the payment request has been processed. An affiliate can withdraw his money at any time, not having to wait until the end of the month or any other given time period.

The affiliates will not have a difficult time attracting potential players, since all of the sites the portal has to offer are unique and attention grasping. All the affiliates have to do is get across that such “wonderwork” indeed exists.

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