APCW Audits: Revenue Giants

13 August 2012

Within the past 30 days, the APCW conducted an audit of the Revenue Giants affiliate tracking software and the Slots Village player experience. Please note that certain criteria have been kept confidential to preserve the anonymity of the auditing process. Audits are conducted randomly throughout the year and may come at any time. Any potential problems with an audit are discussed with the casino program prior to the posting of the results. Testing was conducted by an auditor who visited Slots Village via an affiliated link.

Affiliate Tracking

There was no webmaster affiliate tracking issues.

Player Bonus Report

Slots Village bonus offer

  • 200% Sign-up Bonus

Player Experience Questionaire

The questionnaire below was filled out by the auditor. The questions were designed to obtain information about the player experience.

  • Did you get the bonuses or comps you thought you were supposed to? yes
  • What was your overall opinion of this casino's atmosphere? perfect for slot fans
  • Was the download and installation process easy and quick? yes
  • Did you contact customer support for any reason? yes, they respond by phone
  • Would you recommend this site to your friends? yes
  • Were any bonuses or comps awarded to you? 200%. match + 10 free
  • Were there any problems with the deposit? no
  • Were there any technical issues? no
  • Would you play here again? yes
  • Did you enjoy the games? yes
  • Other observations? http://www.slotsvillage.ag/games.asp gives you all the data for the games, number of lines, coin denomination and top payout amount.

Affiliate Program Survey

The survey below was filled out by an affiliate program representative. The questions were designed to obtain information about affiliate program tracking.

  • If cookie, what is length of cookie?
    • Cookie is 6 (Bingo) -9 (casino) charts
  • Are Cookies overwritable? (i.e. first cookie or last cookie)
    • bingo cookies are overridable, last cookie applies. Casino clients cookies work a bit different, they can be overridden only after 24 hours of creation, so during 24 hours, only 1 cookie will exist.
  • Do you incorporate IP tracking?
    • For knowing where the traffic is coming, yes; to affect the functionality of the cookies, no.
  • Can bonus codes/coupon codes overwrite other tracking?
    • No
  • When in registration process is tracking noted? (embedded in .exe, or elsewhere in process)
    • Elsewhere in process.
  • How do you handle tracking between properties (for those with multiple casinos), if an affiliate brings a player to casino A and then the player plays at casino B, how does the tracking work?
    • We used to have this functionality in the past when most of sites ran by same owners. Now we cannot do such cross functionality as each brand is a stand alone brand with different owner and we are not allowed to cross between the brands. If affiliates ask to do so we need to create new source code for the affiliate (to brand B) to be used by his players from Brand A.
  • Any other tracking information you would like mentioned?
    • If the system doesn’t accept cookies, then session is used instead, although session will be present for the duration of the same.

Payments and Earnings

  • How are payments made?
    • EcoCard
    • Bank Wire Transfer
    • Check/Cheque
  • Earnings
    • Revenue share: 30%-40%
    • CPA: Tailored.
    • Hybrid: Tailored.

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