AllYouBet giving players what they want

6 September 2011

LONDON, England -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- This September, AllYouBet is running a unique promotion that centres around punter's choice. Punters are asked to choose a prize to bet towards throughout September. Prizes include online deposit bonuses, sports merchandise vouchers and sportsbook free bet credits, which are guaranteed to players who meet the criteria. The more a punter stakes in September, the bigger the prize.

This promotion incorporates AllYouBet's focus on online customer experience, offering them tangible prizes that they are interested in. AllYouBet punters are then more personally involved and have a compelling reason to act since they're guaranteed a prize that they actually want.

"Our punters differ in their sports betting preferences, and it seemed logical that we should offer them a range of prize options too," said Steve Mansel, AllYouBet Sportsbook Manager. "AllYouBet is happy to give punters the chance not only to pick their prize, but also to win more of what they like while they bet."

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