Affiliate marketing analysts make 2020 predictions in new eBook

26 December 2019

(PRESS RELEASE) -- The year 2020 is on its way and PropellerAds, an AdTech company, has released a free eBook titled Affiliate Marketing Trends & Predictions 2020 in which influencers and experts from the top CPA networks share opinions about trends and opportunities in affiliate marketing.

A few examples include:

Matt Lovett, Managing Director at WOW Media
Two areas I believe that are going to thrive are coupon code affiliates and gambling affiliates.

Luke Kling, affLIFT
I think which verticals thrive in 2020 is going to be determined by what happens with push notification traffic.

Amy Cheung, Moderator at STM forum
One major trend that I (and a lot of other affiliates) have noticed is that it has become more and more difficult to promote scammy/spammy offers, and/or promoting using misleading tactics, or in ways that irritate the audience.

Vyachelslav Chemodanov, Co-founder at Alfaleads & Alfamedia
As for gambling, so-called capper traffic is becoming a trend. Everything, connected with the aggregation of the users by “white” means and further work with them, using e-mail, chat-bots, etc., will gather the speed in 2020.

Alex Miller, Analyst at 3Snet
The demand for Casinos will be high. The latest technological advancements and commercial initiatives turn online gambling into a very dynamic and constantly changing sphere. Today Asian and African casinos are on the rise as the gambling industry is growing at a significant pace in China, Singapore, and South Africa.

The eBook can be downloaded by visiting:

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