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Drafthero provides the most innovative platform in the Fantasy Sports world, with the quickest and simplified way to play fantasy sports. With our unique ‘Pick-5’ game, players can draft their team in less than 30 seconds!

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Fantasy Sports
19C Trolley Square
Wilmington, Delaware 19806
Phone: +972 544 889 891
Website: partners.drafthero.com
Email: team@drafthero.com
Marketing:  Miss Heather Jones, Affiliate Manager
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Date Established: July, 2013

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RT @Treekingz2016: @DraftHero I love DraftHero. This is the best daily fantasy site available.

RT @cxt07: @DraftHero Another fast withdraw from drafthero. Thanks everyone needs to get into this site it is second to none

RT @PeytonHasCable: Not a had first night of @DraftHero. Top 5 would've been better though. Next time. https://t.co/kCIAzbalPS

RT @DFShane26: If you are looking for something different than FD or DK, be sure to check out @DraftHero ... Very cool structure these guys…


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